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Movie React: Eerie

By Cristal Dionisio September 04, 2019

I must admit, I still have to come terms with local horror. I really have bad experiences in general in watching them (not that it should induce delightful moments – it’s still a horror movie!). At least in my experience, it’s either running a thinly conceived plot, tired and stale scares, or a blatant rip-off of other horror movies.

I did enjoy a handful of home brewed horror and still remains a fan no matter what. So, if I have missed recent local horror gems – mea culpa. I am all ears on your recommendations.

Now, my dear friend recently asked me to sit, stream, and scream on a movie called, Eerie.

While I don’t possess the skills and resources to make a full-length film, I can freely describe and express how my experience went and I can say that Eerie is a very decent effort.

The movie is about an exclusive Catholic school for girls that is suspected to be haunted. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not but it’s a good nod to prevalent urban legends, ghost stories associated to almost every Catholic school in the Philippines. In the movie’s case, the tension was scaled up when a student dies from an apparent suicide but is being covered up by the ruling nuns. The mystery deepens when, after some time, another student died. But this time, a suspect has been taken into custody and is swiftly tried and convicted (I don’t want to nitpick but that is one very efficient, if not scary, justice system). The incidents happened during Patricia’s watch. Pat, the guidance counselor (who can also see ghosts), driven by her utmost concern for her students, decided to investigate and dig deeper into what’s really happening. With the help of the investigator assigned to the case, they managed to discover things which they are not prepared for.

All of these while the movie throws in jump scares from time to time and trying to do so many things at the same time. Again, Eerie is a very decent effort but I personally feel that it lacks focus on what it truly wants to deliver or manages to pull its weight in drawing a totally harrowing experience (which I believe it should have achieved).

Patricia, played by Bea Alonzo, delivers on the dramatic scenes but to me, is weirdly comfortable in talking to malevolent presence or to any supernatural presence for that matter. Sor Alice, portrayed by Ms. Charo Santos is perfect especially in one scene where she breaks down and very convincing in the façade of a strict principal but seemed very helpless behind it. Jake Cuenca, the investigator who helped Patricia is very straightforward in playing the part.

The set, ambience, and scenes were gorgeously shot except from some scares that – sigh seem to be similar from other horror movies or a tired effort to combine several ones (at one point I felt like I am watching a jarring homage to the Grudge, 28 Days Later, The Nun, and The Conjuring).

Overall, the intention to sit, stream, and scream was met except for the last one.

Eerie is now streaming on Netflix Philippines.

Freak out meter: 5/10

Freak out scene: Twins involuntarily drawing seemingly different images

Favorite line: “Kahit matanda ka na, kailangan mo pa rin ng tulong.” (“Even if you’re old, you still need help” -- To which almost everybody can relate, Bea.)

Marc is an aspiring writer who sounds like a legit horror fan and owns a cat.

Resident Geek @ Geek Freaks Philippines

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