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Movie React: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Movie

🚨Movie React by Geek Freaks🚨
Back in the day, there are a lot of things that can be used to scare us kids or nudge us into going through what we deem to be outright horrifying. These things become in themselves, stories that can trigger other kids to tell scary stories either from their own experience or a hearsay by a random drunk or the rumormonger preying on others’ personal lives. Nonetheless, a simple as a small wound can be hailed as a gateway where a priest will come out singing his mass. Weird? Sick? Well, we usually laugh at it and creatively think of other ways that the wound would conjure up something more sinister – or funnier.
I wish I could say the same about Andre Ovredal’s latest masterpiece.
What I experienced as a kid hearing, telling (and even writing) scary stories and being able to laugh (and sleep) through it has been given a serious bite here.
Going out with friends at night to seek the rumored haunted place was just to get away from being asked to sleep earlier than most kids. However, Andre, GDT, and their whole team just told me to “f*** off”; and off I did.
For fans of Stranger Things, Stand By Me, Dreamcatcher, IT, Super 8, ET, and all other “small-town-with-kids-on-bike” movies, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark will surely fit right in. The cast gave solid performances and the practical effects are a sight to behold. Though some scares are quite predictable, the storytelling did not forget to bring its heart and pour it at the right moment and is overall entertaining. And as soon as the darkness had faded, I was given something to look forward to; and look forward I did.
George Lucas once said that the “special sauce” to Star Wars was the music of the great John Williams. From here on, I am to dip into that sauce too and for this movie, Marco Beltrami and Anna Drubich delivers.
Tell your friends to watch this movie (in the dark or not).
Favorite line: “Stories hurt. Stories heal.”
Favorite scare scene: “Harold”
Freak out meter: 8.5/10

Marc is an aspiring writer who owns a cat.

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